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Welcome to the release of our new website, the flying club and our january events. Below is a list of changes and new updates for you to enjoy here at UK Virtual, and we welcome your feedback on the new website through discord.

Website Change Log
UKVirtual Website Refresh 2018 Changelog

This is a full website overhaul to give a fresh new look and improve usability

  1. General styling:
  • The coloring across the site has been tidied up to reflect the 2 main red and blue colours of our brand.
  • Borders have been added to each main info window to better demarcate the info so it’s easier to jump to on a page.
  • Buttons have been restyled as well to be easier to identify and to fit in better with the style of the site
  • The UKVirtual logo has been redesigned slightly to be a little more prominent. We will be removing the space between UK and Virtual shortly as well, to tighten up the branding.
  • Footer restyled to stand out better.
  1. Navigation:
  • Primary and secondary navigation bars added to display general links on the top and pilot specific links on the bottom bars
  • Tours link added to the nav bar so no longer do you have to go hunting to find it
  • Phone navigation amended to 2 columns to match website navigation
  1. Homepage:
  • Elements have been rearranged to better display the info
  • Personalised stats added to the homepage
  • Latest tour now shows on the homepage with button to go straight to it
  • Snippets of the latest News and Event blog posts now also show on the homepage
  1. Other adds and modifies
  • Airline page added: All UKVirtual airlines listed with real world logo and info, number of schedules we have for them, and a link to a route map visually showing all routes
  • Flying club page added: All Flying Club bases, routes and livery downloads all available on the new page
  • Getting Started page reformatted to make the instructions clearer for new pilots
  • Regulations page reformatted to simplify the VA rules and display them in an easier to read format
  • Blog site restyled to match the main site for a more seamless journey
  • Downloads page restyled to make it clearer

The Flying Club

We are pleased to release The Flying Club, our in house virtual airline. The Flying Club’s bases and aircraft can be found following the link below, and please follow the specific rules to avoid your flight being rejected. Don’t forget all Flying Club flights this month will receive double hours, and we have a great tour for you to get involved in.

For a Flying Club flight to be accepted you must fly the provided liveries on the downloads section of the website. Liveries from other airlines will lead to a flight rejection. You are restricted to the B738, A320 or B752 currently but over the coming months we look forward to welcoming new aircraft and bases to the fleet.

The Flying Club schedules can be found under the callsign “TFC” and please use this prefix when flying on vatsim with the callsign “Club”. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Rob or Ryan, and we look forward to seeing you on our weekly Flying Club events this month.

Event Calendar

We are pleased to announce our event’s calendar provided by James for this month, with flights to Europe and beyond. See below for the line up, more detailed information for each event will be provided a week beforehand:

Wednesday 3rd January: Liverpool » Salzburg
Thursday 4th January: Palma » Liverpool  **Flying Club**
Saturday 6th January: Atatürk » Dubai

Wednesday 10th January: Manchester » Oslo Gardermoen
Thursday 11th January: Liverpool » Eindhoven  **Flying Club**
Saturday 13th January: Hong Kong » Singapore Changi

Wednesday 17th January: Leeds Bradford » Riga
Thursday 18th January: Eindhoven » Budapest Ferihegy
Saturday 20th January: Palma » Exeter  **Flying Club**

Wednesday 24th January: Edinburgh » Keflavik
Thursday 25th January: Hamburg » Dublin  **Flying Club**
Saturday 27th January: Manchester » Barcelona

Wednesday 31st January: Denver » Las Vegas


We are really proud of our updates and new releases, we hope you are too and we look forward to spending 2018 in the skies with you all. Any issues, feedback or ideas you may have please contact tony or use the #support channel on discord