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Good evening one and all, Today marks the change to our group flight schedule, you can view details of this below.

  • Wednesday Evenings  19:00 on Discord / 19:30 Departure
  • Thursday Evenings  19:30 on Discord / 20:00 Departure
  • Saturday Daytime (Alternating) 12:00 on Discord / 12:30 Departure
  • Saturday Evenings (Alternating)  19:00 on Discord / 19:30 Departure

Hopefully with the times and days above this should give you all the flexibility to attend an event.

As always, UK Virtual is a community VA so any suggestions or ideas are greatly welcomed.

Before joining any event please read the below rules, put in place to make yours and your fellow members flying experience the best possible!

1. Each member must pre prepare their scenery, route and aircraft choice before arriving at the event. Details of which are provided on the Event Blog Post.
2. Event’s are not for technical support / installing scenery / Aircraft tutorials
3. Thursday night event’s are to use the “UNI” callsign on Vatsim, other evening’s are free choice
4. Event’s are self running, so please don’t wait for a staff member to depart at the published time as they might not always be there
If you experience any issues during an event, or have any feedback please contact [email protected]