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This month we do not have our regular newsletter as we will be releasing our brand new website from 4pm tomorrow afternoon. Join us on discord for the website launch, a few surprises and a group flight departing from Liverpool to Luton with The Flying Club.

We wan’t to say a massive thank you to all our members here at UK Virtual who have made 2017 such a great year! We have enjoyed regular group flight’s together, welcomed new members and staff to the virtual to whom we look forward to meeting at our real world meet up in 2018.

This year at UK Virtual we have seen change in many forms to the big update of all our airlines to the new staff team of Ryan, Mike, Tony and Rob. We also welcomed James to the team as our events manager, and we look forward to joining him on the wide variety of event’s planned over the coming months. We would also like to take the time to personally thank Kieran, Daz, Si and Paul to which UK Virtual would not of not been possible six years down the line.

Finally thank you to you as a member, your input and dedication to UK Virtual has seen us record 4373 flights this year, an average of 372 per month. But more importantly the community spirit we have at UK Virtual is one we all enjoy and benefit, and will continue to grow into 2018.

We wish you all and your families a very happy new year, and we look forward to seeing you all in the virtual skies next year!


Kind Regards,

Ryan, Mike, Tony, Rob and James.