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We have a new Staff Role available here at UKVirtual. We are looking for a Flight Reports Manager who would be in charge in the processing of all our pireps here at UKVirtual. Please take a look at the criteria below, and apply before the 8th July 2018


  • Must have 100 hours and 100 flights logged for UKVirtual
  • Must be able to accept Flight reports within 24 hours ( apart from holidays and special occasions )
  • Must be impartial on all flight reports regardless of who’s flight it is
  • Must be an active member at UKVirtual

How to apply – Please answer and email the following questions below to “[email protected]before the 8th July 2018

  • Name:
  • Union Number:
  • Flights logged for UKVirtual:
  • Hours logged for UKVirtual:
  • Describe why you would like this role at UKVirtual ( Minimum 100 characters ) :


The Flight Report Manager will be working under and for Flight Operations, who will have the final decision on all pireps.