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I am pleased to announce that on behalf of UKVirtual I am running a World Cup 2018 Sweepstake where you have chance to win a real cash prize! Basically the rules are simple its costs £5.00 to enter and you will then have a country selected for you. (If you don’t like the country selected for you, you can try again for an extra £2.00 but only once! Then you can choose between the two countries) If all countries are selected that’s a £160.00 cash prize up for grabs! All ACTIVE members are welcome to apply.

Then you have your country for the competition. From this point on you have the chance to fly from your chosen country into Moscow to be awarded the special World Cup 2018 Award and you will receive double hours if you complete this flight! Please use the specific “WCR” flights for this –

The member who has the winning country will receive the cash prize accumulated from the member entries, if no one has the winning country we will carry on down the list in order till we have the winner.

If you would like to enter please send your £5 entry via PayPal to “[email protected]” . If you wish to use a different payment method please contact me personally. Once you have submitted your interest i will contact you with your choosen country. Please enter by Friday 8th June 2018 at the latest.

Countries List:

Argentina – Tony UNI548

Australia – Mike UNI517



Colombia – Shand UNI958

Costa Rica – Ryan UNI154



Egypt – Wil UNI1146

England – Adam UNI1173

France – Nick UNI922

Germany – Rob UNI642

Iceland – Callum UNI594

Iran – Tony UNI548

Japan – Tony UNI548

Korea Republic -Jon UNI1238

Mexico – Brian UNI1158

Morocco – James UNI1175

Nigeria – Wil UNI1146 

Panama – Nick UNI922

Peru – Mike UNI517

Poland – James UNI1175

Portugal – James UNI1175

Russia – Rob UNI642

Saudia Arabia – Brian UNI1158

Senegal – Jon UNI1238

Serbia – Adam UNI1173

Spain – Jon UNI1238

Sweden – Callum UNI594

Switzerland – Ryan UNI154

Tunisia – Shand UNI958

Uruguay – Ryan UNI154

Good Luck and any questions please do not hesitate to contact me !

Ryan Boulton – Lear