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UK virtual supporters club changes

Good afternoon members. An update on prizes and the supporters club! We need your kind attention and possible help. Funds donated via our supporters club pays for monthly prizes, “supporters club” prize draws, group flight prizes. And any residual helps with our...

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Happy New Year!

Good afternoon all! This is our last email of 2019, a summary of the amazing year we have had at UK virtual! We all want to take the time to say a massive thank you to you the members for continuing to support us and fly on a monthly basis. Back in March we launched...

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UK virtual Santa Special!

It's UK virtual's biggest event of the year, our Santa special! It's time to go and visit the home of Father Christmas, with two group flight's this year on the 2nd and 14th December 2019. Take a look at the flight briefing below and we look forward to seeing as many...

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SimTextures by Y&Z

Here at UK virtual with have a great partnership with SimTextures by Y&Z , they are the creators and producers of our excellent company livery that we have enjoyed since the beginning of this year. More recently they have designed and produced our special Salzburg...

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Trick or Treat special!

This Halloween we have an exciting event, the trick or treat special ! We will be flying from new Kai Tak to old Kai Tak with some challenges along the way! If you manage to complete all the tricks, you will be in for a treat from us at UK virtual. Take a look at the...

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UK virtual Supporters December Prize Draw

We are offering two UK virtual supporters the chance to visit the aviation museum in Amsterdam and see the 747 up close,  including return flights from Europe for our December prize draw! The UK virtual supporters donation's go directly into a fund that pays for event...

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