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UK virtual to charge for landing’s

UK virtual has decided to take an industry leading step and charge all members for each landing they complete from the 02/04/2021. The cost of your landing will be based on your landing rate - the harder the landing the more it will cost. A monthly statement will be...

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March 2021 Newsletter

Another busy month in the air at UK Virtual. As I write this we have 1216 flights completed in March, passing 57000 flights as an airline (very nearly at 58000). During the coming month the current tours will close and we will move to our Summer tours, with some nice...

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Project Sunrise for Project Wingman

Every year UK virtual raises money for a charity through a flying challenge of some description. In the past we have completed a number of 24 hour flying challenges around Europe, so this year we are going for something different. Your challenge is to complete the two...

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