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Virtual First Officer Rating – Lesson 1

As promised, here is “Episode 1” of my account of my progress doing the Virtual First Officer rating with “Virtual Flight Experience” based in Wolvey Warwickshire. Those of you who read my account of my first experience with this company will know that “Virtual Flight...

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Review: TFDI Design Boeing 717

Overview: Today I purchased the Boeing 717 created by TFDI Design, and first impressions are, I have to say very good. Priced in the UK at £50 you receive the same quality as the PMDG. Frames are pretty good considering the depth of the aircraft. For a small aircraft...

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Review: IDS Manchester

Like many other members, I was looking forward to this new piece of scenery immensely, after seeing the similar product in x-plane. "Excited" didn't even cover it, however, in reality all I can say is, I am disappointed. Now don't get me wrong, the scenery itself...

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Review: Milan Linate

OVERVIEW: There has been a sudden flurry of activity with developers releasing new products. One of my favourite places to fly is Italy. It has great coasts, mountain ranges, proximity to other European destinations and a set of interesting (yet not too busy) airports...

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Review: EZDok 2

Overview: It's like Marmite. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I confess now that I think EZDok was a great add on. For me it worked and it worked very well. there was nothing else out there. Now it did come with a few problems. It wasn't easy to set up or...

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