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Istanbul New Airport

Out there in the real world, Istanbul's new airport is very near to completion with some flight' already operating already ! With a full move from Istanbul Ataturk to Istanbul New Airport due at the start of April 2019, we are changing all the schedules now in...

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UK2000 Bournemouth Release!

UK2000 will be releasing Bournemouth on 09/02/2019 the latest in the line of Xtreme UK airport series from Gary and his developers. Remember as a UKVirtual member you receive an automatic 20% discount on this new airport ! We have taken the time to update the...

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UKVirtual Rule Changes

Good evening Pilots! We have some important and exciting rules changes that will be active from 20/12/2018. At UKVirtual we are always listening to your feedback finding new ways to become a better virtual airline for our members. The rules changes below reflect this,...

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UKVirtual partners with FSELITE!

UKVirtual is pleased to announce a partnership with the Flight simulator news source FSElite. FSElite is proud to be one of the fastest growing flight simulation websites on the market. Since they opened their website in June 2016, they have grown from strength to...

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Lapland DOUBLE HOURS flights 2018

This month we are offering double hours on all scheduled flights departing and arriving either Rovaniemi (EFRO) or Kittala (EFKT) . This is till the 30th December 2018 and the added hours will be awarded when your pirep is accepted. Normal flight rules apply, and...

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The Flying Club : Winter Schedule

The winter schedule will be available from 1st November 2018 till February 2019. With new routes from our Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester bases we have focused on routes that are not provided by real world airlines along with your favourite Winter destinations. We...

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Aerosoft Discounts – Updated list

To all pilots, we have received an updated list off Aerosoft Discounts we are able to offer at UKVirtual. If you have been a member for three months or longer, and completed 50 flights or more you are eligible to apply for Aerosoft discounts. Please email...

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