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This weekend I will be completing my 5000th flight for UK virtual ( the first member to do so ) and what better way to celebrate the flight with friends on one big group flight recreating my first rotation at UK virtual. Ten and half years ago I joined UK virtual as a spotty nosed teenager with the intention of logging a few flights on FSX with a friend, not knowing that ten years on I would be the co owner of one of the largest virtual flight sim communities in the UK – its been a ride for sure!

My first rotation was Liverpool – Dublin and back, using the default 737-800 on direct GPS. This time I reckon I can get a route in just about, and would love as many members to join me on my journey once again across the Irish Sea. I appreciate its the last weekend of the battle of the charters, however your attendance would be appreciated for the few hours the rotation takes to celebrate this milestone.

Members can join us on or off the Vatsim network for this flight, for those less confident we will happily show you have to use observer mode on the vatsim network so you can see all the other traffic without having to use Vatsim ATC for the flight. Any aircraft in any livery is recommended, personally I will be back in the Ryanair 737-800 livery for this hop – remember union numbers in your callsign is a must!

Flight details are as follows:

Sunday 28th August 2022

  • Leg 1
  • Departure Airport : EGGP (Liverpool)
  • Departure Time : 16:00Z
  • Arrival Airport : EIDW (Dublin)
  • Arrival Time : 17:00Z


  • Leg 2
  • Departure Airport : EIDW (Dublin)
  • Departure Time : 17:30Z
  • Arrival Airport : EGGP ( Liverpool )
  • Arrival Time : 18:30Z