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It’s that time of year again, when UKVirtual departs as a group towards Lapland for our annual Christmas Fly In. This year we will be departing London Gatwick on Monday 17th December at 19:30 for Rovaniemi Airport. Along the way there will be prizes to be won from our generous supported developers listed below, and great ATC provided live on the Vatsim Network. All members are welcome, please read the full pilot brief below which includes links to free scenery for both the departure and arrival airport. The event will also be streamed by our resident streamer GoAroundWallace. If you do use Facebook please register your interest at the following link so we can establish an idea of numbers:

Departure Information

Airport : London Gatwick ( EGKK )

Departure Time : 19:30pm local

Aircraft : Any Aircraft can be used

Callsign: Union Callsign’s must be used for this flight (UNI = UNION)

Schedules : IBK2968 – EZY8941 – TCX1276 – TUI156

Free Scenery / Payware :

Enroute Information

Route : To Be announced

Flight Level : To Be annoounced

Flight Time : 3 Hours

Arrival Information

Airport : Rovaniemi (EFRO)

Arrival Time : 22:30 Zulu

Divert Airport : Kittala (EFKT)

Free Scenery :

Prizes to be won from :