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** Phase 2/Part 2 is now complete with 4 new airlines, and  over 1000 new schedules added across North America Part 2 meaning  46 out of 50 countries are now covered with schedules from each capital city. This is the last phase of the connected continents project until Winter 2019**

The “Connected Continents Project” is all about increasing the overall flight schedule coverage for each continent by adding a route network for each capital city of each continent where possible. The plan over the next year is to work on each continent bringing new airlines and routes to each country with an available airport and route base. Europe and North America are now complete! This has been split into two parts with Part 1 covering North American countries outside of the USA, with Part 2 covering as many states in the USA as possible. Each country, capital city airport and airline will be listed below however some states to not have airlines flying from the capital airport. Therefore we have chosen to add the biggest airport in the state missing these capital airports which are marked in italics. In total at the end of Phase 2/Part 2, 46 out of 50 North American USA countries will be covered.  Keep an eye out on the schedules, new airlines and announcement’s on the blog site and Discord for the completion of Phase 2/Part 2:

Alabama – Birmingham – Southwest Airlines

Alaska – Juneau – Alaska Airlines

Arizona – Phoenix – American Airlines

Arkansas – Northwest Arkansas – Allegiant

California – Sacramento – Southwest Airlines

Colorado – Denver – Southwest Airlines

Connecticut – Hartford – jetBlue

Florida – Miami – American Airlines

Georgia – Atlanta – Delta Airlines

Hawaii – Honolulu – Hawaiian Airlines

Idaho – Boise – Southwest Airlines

Illinois – Chicago – United Airlines

Indiana – Indianapolis – Southwest Airlines

Iowa – Des Moines – Allegiant

Kansas – Wichita – Allegiant

Kentucky – Cincinnati – Frontier Airlines

Louisiana – New Orleans – Southwest Airlines

Maryland – Annapolis – Southwest Airlines

Massachusetts – Boston – jetBlue

Michigan – Detroit – Delta Airlines

Minnesota – St Paul – Delta Airlines

Missouri – St Louis – Southwest Airlines

Montana – Yellowstone – Delta Airlines

Nebraska – Eppley – Southwest Airlines

Nevada – Las Vegas – Frontier Airlines

New Hampshire – Manchester – Southwest Airlines

New Jersey – Trenton – Frontier Airlines

New Mexico – Albuquerque – Southwest Airlines

New York – Albany – Allegiant

North Carolina – Raleigh – Frontier Airlines

North Dakota – Hector – Allegiant

Ohio – Columbus – Southwest Airlines

Oklahoma – Oklahoma City – Southwest Airlines

Oregon – Portland – Alaska Airlines

Pennsylvania – Harrisburg – Allegiant

Rhode Island – Providence – Southwest Airlines

South Carolina – Charleston – Southwest Airlines

South Dakota – Sioux Falls – Allegiant

Tennessee – Nashville – Southwest Airlines

Texas – Austin – Southwest Airlines

Utah – Salt Lake City – Delta Airlines

Virginia – Richmond – Allegiant

Washington – Seattle – Alaska Airlines

Wisconsin – Madison – Frontier Airlines