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We have an exciting weekend planned ahead with two group flight’s and our Launch event this Sunday! Remember the website will not be available from 3pm ( 2pmzulu ) on Saturday 18th May so please do not start any flights that will exceed this time. Our launch event is live on Sunday 19th May from 2pm (1pmzulu) and all members who attend will receive a special award on their profile, along with another award for attending the group flight afterwards. Take a look at our events here:

Saturday 18th May – Tel Aviv Calling !

Join us from London Heathrow to Tel Aviv departing at 9am Local ( 8amzulu) For the Eurovision Song contest in Isreal! Bring the biggest aircraft you have to transfer all the fans ready for the final, take a look at the briefing here :

Saturday 18th May – Website Offline – 3pm (2pmzulu)

Please do not start any flights that finish after this time as the website will no longer be available.

Sunday 19th May – Launch Event – 2pm (1pmzulu)

Join us for the Launch Event this Sunday live on Discord! All members are welcome, and you will receive a special award on your profile just for attending. Take a look at our teaser video here:

Sunday 20th May – Group Flight!

Join us for our group flight from Liverpool – Gibraltar departing at 4pm local (3pmzulu) A flight briefing, and extras will be provided during the launch event and you will receive an award for completing this flight.

We cannot wait to see you all there !