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June 2021 sees our Gatwick VS Manchester competition where all scheduled flights inbound and outbound of the both airports will count towards a final total at the end of the month to decide the winner. Please sign up for the competition by completing the following survey by Friday 29th May 2021 to be eligible for the prize draw.

The Rules

  • All scheduled flights inbound/outbound of London Gatwick and Manchester with UK virtual will count towards the competition regardless of chosen airport/member participation.
  • Each completed accepted flight will attract an initial value of 1 point. Then each completed full hour will attract an extra 2 points.
  • For example a 10 hour flight will receive an initial point then 20 points for hours flown with a total of 21 points.
  • A minimum of 10 accepted flights inbound/outbound the members chosen airport must be completed to be entered into the prize draw
  • To make the competition fair, we strongly recommend members do not fly the same flight twice. The idea is to explore new routes out of each of the bases. Members found to be excessively flying the same route continuously will be removed from the competition.
  • The competition runs from 1st June – 30th June / 00:01 BST – 23:59 BST
  • UNI/UKT flights do not count towards the competition

The Prizes

  • At the end the winning airport’s team will be entered into two separate prize draws. UK virtual supporters will have the chance to win £50 towards new airport scenery of their choice, and UK virtual members will have the chance to win £25 towards new airport scenery of their choice.

Any questions please contact us via [email protected] or the support channel on Discord.