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Next month is our Goodbye Alitalia month! Like a cat with nine lives ( and more ) Alitalia has survived as Italy’s national airline for 75 years, however their time has come to an end! The Italian government has decided to replace Alitalia with a new airline, ITA – Italia Transporto Aeroe from the 15th October 2021.

So September is our goodbye Alitalia month where every two flights you complete for Alitalia or Alitalia Cityflyer (AZA/CYL) will be entered into our prize draw where 3 x £25 Domino’s Pizza vouchers ( or equivalent for outside UK) are available to win! We ask members not to repeat the same flights where possible, and explore the whole Alitalia network before it changes to ITA!

There will also be some great group flights to complement the above run by both Colin and Oliver so keep an eye out for them!