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This week we have some exciting group flights including our now weekly pub quiz. See details about each event below:

Thinking Thursday – Online Pub Quiz – 20:15/21:15

Something a bit different in events terms, all members are invited to join in the Virtual Pub Quiz which is streamed live on Youtube. 50 questions, 5 rounds with a break in the middle with a mixture of Topics and General Knowledge. Just a bit off fun, all you have to do is watch the link, write your answers down, mark them and tell us your scores on Discord!

Friends Friday – Dublin/Manchester – 20:00 Departure

Join us for another group flight with UK virtual and our friends Virtual Flight Experience. Following on from our flight into Dublin last week we will be heading to Manchester together live on the Vatsim network. UK Virtual liveries and Union Callsigns to be used for this event

Super Sunday – Belfast/Orlando – 11am Departure

The featured flight for this day is the above route as part of the “Flight a day competition” . Virgin Atlantic livery and aircraft must be used for this flight in order to achieve 10 points.