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Good evening all!

It is very rare for us to break away from our monthly newsletter, however we have important information for all our members before the month is over. To begin, while the COVID-19 outbreak continues our great community is here at UK virtual 24/7 via our Discord server. The best way to get through this is to keep talking, enjoying the hobby, and socialize while staying at home. Therefore please do join us on Discord at any time, even if it is just to say hello, there is always someone around from the UK virtual community to talk to. Please continue reading below on some important changes, and an exciting April competition to keep us all busy! 

UK virtual Meetup 2020

The UK virtual meet up is still going ahead as planned at the current time, however we have been looking into our options if we did have to cancel. If we do have to go down that road we will be moving it potentially to October 2020. Furthermore we have read Premier Inn’s updated booking conditions and all bookings regardless of Flex, Semi Flex or Non Flex will be able to rebook another date for free. Also any paid deposits will be returned. Rest assured we will keep an eye on the situation and update you if we need to make a decision. Further details can be found here:

Group Flights

We will be increasing our organised group flights over the coming weeks, giving our members opportunities to engage and enjoy a published flight on or off the Vatsim Network. It is a great opportunity to socialize and enjoy the hobby with other members, and learn the world of Online flying if you are not familiar. The events this week are as follows:

Monday 23rd – London Gatwick/Dubai – 8AM Zulu Departure

Tuesday 24th – Miami/Orlando – 8PM Zulu Departure

Thursday 26th – Jersey Vatsim Staff up – 8PM – 10:30PM Zulu

Saturday 28th – London Heathrow/Ethiopia – 13PM Zulu Departure

Battle of the Budgets

We are pleased to announce the Battle of the Budgets for April 2020! You choose whether our pilots will fly the most flights for Ryanair or Easyjet during the month, and if your chosen airline wins you receive a prize! All participants will receive a profile award regardless of the winning airline. Please select the airline you wish to back via this link before the 31st March 2020 to enter:

There are some conditions to this competition: 


  • Ryanair flights MUST be flown using the B737-800 only. EasyJet flights MUST be flown using the A319/A320/A321 only in the correct liveries.
  • Only members who have been with UK virtual since February 2020 or before are eligible to enter
  • Members who enter the competition must complete 15 flight’s for their chosen airline to receive the prize if won
  • Standard Flight Regulations apply


Finally Ryanair and Easyjet schedules will at times be temporarily unavailable between now and the end of the month in preparation for our competition, in this case where no other schedule is available – charter mode is allowed.  

Thankyou for your continued support at UK virtual, we look forward to flying with you more than ever over the next couple of weeks!

The UK virtual team