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We have an exciting opportunity for a staff position at UK virtual! We are looking for a group flight coordinator to organise and advertise our group flight’s from February 2020. The role will involve:

  • The organisation of at least two group flight’s a month
  • Publishing detailed blog posts including flight plans for each group flight
  • Be in attendance for the group flight to coordinate the smooth running of the event
  • Distribute prizes during the group flights – landing rate competitions for example

If you think this role would be suited for you please take a look at the following criteria before applying:

  • Must be a UK virtual member ( not a Cadet )
  • Must be a UK virtual member for 6 months or longer
  • Must not hold a staff position at any other Virtual Airline

Please apply to [email protected] before Sunday 24th January 2020 using the below template:

  • Name and Union number:
  • Why you are applying for the role:
  • Briefly outline your concept for a group flight in February:

We look forward to welcoming another member to the UK virtual team!