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As we enter lockdown number 2 in the UK we will be offering weekly group flights to keep us all entertained during these difficult times. Group flights are a great way to get involved in the UK virtual community, and for those who are yet to use Vatsim – we will teach you during the flight! Each week we will have a Prop Hop evening and a flyVFE evening, take a look at the plan below:

Monday 9th November – North Norway Prop Hops – First Departure 2000 – ENSS>ENBV>ENMH>ENHV>ENHF>ENHK

Friday 13th November – flyVFE Friday – Birmingham > Bergen – Departure 2000

Monday 16th November – Azores Prop Hops – First Departure 2000 – LPHR>LPPI>LPSJ>LPGR>LPLA

Friday 20th November РflyVFE Friday РEast Midlands > Geneva  РDeparture 2000

Monday 23rd November – Hawaii Prop Hops – First Departure 2000 – PHNG>PHLU>PHNY>PHOG>PHHN>PHUP

Friday 27th November – flyVFE Friday – Manchester > Vagar – Departure 2000

Monday 30th November – Lapland Prop Hops – First Departure 2000 – EFRH>EFOU>EFKE>EFRU>EFRO

We Look forward to seeing you all with us during the month !