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Good Evening Pilots,

We are pleased to announce we have a new version of our UKVirtual Flight Tracker which is now available to download via the downloads page on your dashboard.

The new tracker also improves on everyone’s favourite rule.


The Jolly AFK rule

UKVirtual made a decision a long time ago to ensure hours logged with us are a meaningful and true representation of our flying effort. We also wanted to ensure all pilots were treated fairly on the statistics and leaderboards, and foster a sense of achievement with every flight.

The first AFK will now pop up approx. 3 hours into the flight, and then every hour henceforth.

This will accommodate the majority of short-haul flights, whilst ensuring longer flights are adequately manned and verified.

When flying on VATSIM, remember you attract attention on longer flights from supervisors – who give you 20 mins to respond to their “are you there?” messages.

All flights are subject to being contactable through Discord too. Possible flight rejection looms – for messages unanswered within 30 mins. It’s important to be in communication – as per our real world counterparts.


Supporting UKVirtual

The tracker changes were paid for and achievable through our valued member contributions through our Support UKVirtual channel. All contributions go straight to developing new software for the virtual, along with the running costs on a day to day basis.

UKVirtual will always be free, however if you wish to donate at any time please following the link:

We thank all members for their continued support, flights and donations and we hope these improvements will make your experience at UKVirtual more enjoyable and realistic.


Kind Regards,

Tony, Ryan, Mike and Rob.