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I believe this is the most exciting and important newsletter i’ve had the pleasure to write this year, so do read on for news on our Christmas group flight where you can win a 50 Euro SimMarket Voucher, our Decoration Dash Competition with our biggest prize yet and just a small matter of our brand new flight tracker!

Flight Operations – UNI154 Ryan

Our Decoration Dash competition launches on the 1st December till the 24th December with 24 tasks to complete where we have over £650 worth of prizes up for grab! A range of challenges to complete from operating selected flights, to changing your website profile picture it is very easy to get involved and win a prize. If you complete a full house you are in the running to win a Honeycomb Aeronautical Flight sim Hardware product of your choice. Choose from the Alpha Yoke, Bravo Throttle or the upcoming Charlie Rudder Pedals. We also have a range of prizes from FS2Crew, SelfLoadingCargo, REX, flyTampa, ORBX, UK2000, MK Studios, EFB, flyVFE and SimMarket. Bringing a total of 21 prizes available to win! Click here to find out how to get involved for free, and good luck! :

Our annual group flight to Lapland takes place on Saturday 5th December 2020 departing from London Luton at 8pm local. Participating members have the opportunity to win a 50 Euro Sim market voucher, for full details take a look at the flight briefing here :

Finally I have been working on reducing the aircraft list in preparation for the new flight tracker. All specific General aviation aircraft have been removed and replaced with the “Any General Aviation Aircraft” option instead. This simplifies your VFR flights and removes confusion on when the category should be used. Any commercial aircraft that are no longer operated by airlines we offer, minus the Concorde, have been removed and replaced with the “Any Classic JetAirliner” option for example the A300. Finally the Boeing 737 has been separated into three categories. You have the most popular aircraft in the family, the 737-800 by itself, then the 737-300/400/500/600/700/900 is in the Boeing Family category and we now have the addition of the Boeing 737 MAX with it’s recertification.

Technical Operations – UNI548 Tony

The new Flight Tracker is ready to go! We will be launching it on 1 December to all members, available from the Downloads page along with a short, simple user guide and a video to help you get started logging. We do not envisage many updates as the Tracker is pretty solid and our horde of testers have found it pretty robust after a few final tweaks but if you have any pressing wants, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and we will look into it for you.

I am also deep into development of the Aero Club which I hope to launch in January. Keep an eye out for updates on that coming soon!

General Operations – UNI517 Mike

With the new flight tracker don’t forget that you can extend your first AFK time as a UK virtual supporter. Bronze’s supporters first AFK is from 4 hours, Silver 5 hours and Gold 6 hours. This is in addition to the other UK virtual supporter benefits like access to our exclusive partner discounts, quarterly supporter only prize draws, early access to our tours and new developments like the flight tracker and you will be helping us provide the prizes above each month with your support. All for the price of a pint each month, your support is always appreciated by everyone at UK virtual :


We hope you enjoy the brand new flight tracker we are able to offer to you at UK virtual and good luck with the Christmas Competition!

UK virtual Team