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New Group Flight – 24/07/2020 19:00

Date: 24/07/2020 Start Time: 19:00 Routing: EGLL - ESSA Notes: Come and join us on this fabulous flight to Stockholm this Friday 24th July 2020 Departing London's Heathrow at around 7pm and landing in Stockholms Arlanda airport for a night time landing. This is a...

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UK virtual 2020

This weekend we enjoyed a great set of events as part of our Virtual meet up in replacement of what would of been our normal real world meet up held every year in a different location around the United Kingdom. Starting with a group flight from London Gatwick to...

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UK virtual meet up 2020

In a few weeks time we would have been enjoying the UK virtual annual meet up in Manchester. It goes without saying that our original plans had to be postponed until September 2020, and we were looking forward to seeing old and new faces later on this year.  The...

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Self-Loading Cargo – A revelation!

I've been pining for years over the death of FSPassengers when I moved to P3D and its developer didn't move it with me. It gave flying an immersion that made the whole process seem much more real, more involved. Well, there's a new kid on the block, and so far, it...

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Flight A Day Competition

For the month of June we have our flight a day competition where you we will have a featured flight for each day which will earn you points if completed. Everybody is automatically signed up for the competition, but there are strict rules to follow so please read...

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Group flights 1st/7th May 2020

Next week we have some exciting group flights for the first week of June and the return of the pub quiz evening. See details about each event below: Tower Tuesday – London Luton Mentoring - 20:00/22:00 Support UNI548 as he continues his Vatsim training on London Luton...

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