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Like many other members, I was looking forward to this new piece of scenery immensely, after seeing the similar product in x-plane. “Excited” didn’t even cover it, however, in reality all I can say is, I am disappointed.

Now don’t get me wrong, the scenery itself looks lovely. Well, some of it, but the inaccuracies and frame rate issues cannot be ignored. For example, all the holding points are one number off! A simple issue if you’re flying offline, however for Vatsim or IVAO a great deal of confusion is about to be caused. Further to that holding point, M1, which was renamed as such 2 years ago, still has its old name of JA1, causing more confusion. So it is evident that they have been using old charts which is very disappointing for a new product. I would understand if the holding points had changed recently, so this is a massive oversight from the scenery developer.

Now terminal 1 and 2 look great and I cannot fault them, yet terminal 3 reminds me REX world Airports with its basic textures across the whole building without much thought or design going into it, where’s as the other terminals are full of detail and models.

Finally, performance issues are a massive issue,! My system isn’t the best yet it can run the likes of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris even Heathrow relatively well without much of an issue, yet landing into Manchester brought me the worse VAS loss I have seen since I moved to P3D. After turning the 3D grass off (which I think looked awful anyway) I thought my frame issues would be solved, however that is not the case.

My conclusion is while the scenery is visually pleasing, it has so many inaccuracies and frame issues that I will be returning to UK2000 Manchester version 2 once payday is upon us so I can being flying out of Manchester once again.