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There has been a sudden flurry of activity with developers releasing new products. One of my favourite places to fly is Italy. It has great coasts, mountain ranges, proximity to other European destinations and a set of interesting (yet not too busy) airports and a great range of weather – the Northern airports are prone to low visibility in the winter.

Jetstream Designs have just released Milan Linate. They are, perhaps, best known for the excellent Palermo scenery and Linate is of equal quality. The pictures speak for themselves but the quality of the ground textures and building modelling is superb. Lighting works well and, as it’s a relatively compact airport, VAS usage and performance give no cause for concern.

There is a configuration tool that allows the selection of detail (transparent windows), ground services, season, static aircraft and runway lighting. The latter is particularly useful in that you can set the lighting to be on all day or otherwise.

To conclude, Jetstream have produced another masterpiece. If you haven’t seen Linate or Palermo, they are well worth a look. There are also some other great Italian sceneries at very reasonable prices – particularly those from RFScenery.

Best of all, Ryan has ensured that Italy is very well covered by routes to the Italian airports. Many take you across the Med to Spain or, of course, give you great views as you climb North over the Dolomites/Alps.

Time for a Latte, Panino and a pot of Olives.