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Good evening all.

An issue has arisen since the launch of MSFS2020 and our UK virtual tours over the last few weeks, one that we wish to deal with now hence an email out of the usual monthly newsletters.

The UK virtual tours were made prior to the release of MSFS2020 and we have been made aware that certain airports are not in the new simulator. This could not be foreseen or predicted. Therefore in the case of the airport not being in MSFS2020 you must complete the leg in an alternative simulator like P3D, X-Plane or FSX.

Any pilot who is found to complete tour legs by landing in fields/over flying airports will have the progress for that leg removed.

Going forward with the winter tours I will be making every effort to make them cross compatible with all simulators, and in the cases where they are not it will be easy to differentiate and identify on the tours page.

On a personal note the tours take months to build, literally. Being part of UK virtual for over 7 years now, I have seen many tours in that time. It is very hard to continue building new ideas and new tours twice a year, hence the amount of time it takes to build them. Alot of work goes into the tours, alot of pride comes out of them, so it’s disheartening to see the issues we have done over the last few weeks.

Tours are not mandatory, but a great addition to the UK virtual experience. I promise every effort will be made with the winter tours as explained above, but for the current tours please do follow the rules.

Kind Regards

Ryan Lear