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To all UK virtual members,

Hello all, it’s Ryan here. I suggest you grab yourself a drink as this is a bumper summary of the last year at UK virtual, and what’s to come!



It’s fair to say that 2021 was not what any of us expected – rather like 2020…and again we face another year of uncertainty going into 2022. Let’s hope it gets better soon.

During the pandemic, our flight sim community at UK virtual supported one another through the hardest of times, keeping us all going.

Personally, UK virtual has been the perfect distraction for me, and this likely extends to most of our members. We provide somewhere for all members to disconnect from the real world and enjoy the immersion of virtual flight simulation.

UK virtual has become a solid, inclusive community for everyone to enjoy the hobby we all share;  regardless of gender; colour, creed, sexuality, religion, or even height – everyone is welcome at UK virtual.

So on behalf of the directors and staff at UK virtual – we thank you all for your support, flights and community spirit during the darkest of times. And the brightest! It’s this that motivates us all to run UK virtual into the future.

So please raise a glass…


UK virtual Directors/Staff

Thank you to my fellow directors – Mike, Tony and Chris – who really make UK virtual tick. Every major decision/improvement, no matter how tough, is discussed between us all. You have all been there to make sure UK virtual can be the best community virtual there is out there.

Then Ali, who has done an amazing job in creating the new UK virtual livery and logo – and is currently working on a VATSIM/IVAO pack for the virtual world to enjoy. Your work is invaluable to the virtual, and we are lucky to have your skills.

And then Scott, who meticulously checks your Pireps and shows more leniency than I do. This is no easy task, and your help is very much appreciated.

And Colin – who has organised our awesome IFR group flight’s over the last few months! As we hit 2022, do keep an eye on Discord/Website for his flight’s so you do not miss out! Lots planned!

And Oli – who has been incharge of the VFR group flights, and assists Chris and Scott with our PIREPS. Your assistance and passion to the virtual does not go unnoticed. Going into next year Oli will be taking on a few more roles at the virtual assisting myself in the Flight Operations departure.

We don’t say it often enough – however we are so grateful for all the help we receive from the staff at UK virtual.


UK virtual supporters

Our UK virtual supporters donations help provide the monthly competitions and group flight prizes at UK virtual. Regardless of whether you are a Gold/Silver/Bronze supporter here, your donation is much appreciated. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those supporters who have donated for the last three months or more in our annual newsletter:

Gold Supporters – UNI1011 Chris, UNI1089 Steve, UNI1131 Jai, UNI1173 Adam, UNI1496 Mark, UNI1587 Shannon, UNI1625 Colin, UNI1713 Scott, UNI1980 James, UNI2064 Simon, UNI2244 William

Silver Supporters – UNI1214 Scott, UNI1645 Andrew, UNI1779 Oli, UNI1868 Paul, UNI1887 Rob, UNI1914 Ali, UNI2132 Mikael, UNI2235 David, UNI2326 James, UNI507 Tom

Bronze Supporters – UNI1146 Wil, UNI1158 Brian, UNI1531 Massimo, UNI1571 Mark, UNI1575 Jeremy, UNI1601 Adrian, UNI1602 Jonny, UNI166 Jason, UNI1776 Roger, UNI2031 Ben, UNI2215 Brian, UNI2144 FP, UNI2168 Terry, UNI2205 Andy, UNI2261 Nigel, UNI2274 Patrick, UNI2310 Steve

Over the last year the UK virtual supporters have provided our monthly competitions, group flight prizes, website updates (including the flight tracker), livery and Model Matching pack, UK virtual real world meet up 2021 and some 2022 developments coming. Your support really makes a difference.

For clarity each month all four directors (Myself, Mike, Tony, Chris) pay all administration costs for UK Virtual, no matter how much it increases/fluctuates. 100% of UK virtual supporters donations benefit the community.  

In 2022 there will be some changes to monthly prize draws and some new exciting benefits to come for our UK virtual supporters, so keep an eye on your monthly newsletters for more information. 


UK virtual members

In 2020 we logged 11,417 flights. This year we have logged 17141 flights with the busiest month being October with 1807 flights logged – in 2020 you logged 11417 flights! This is a massive increase on last year, and supports all the work we do every month at UK virtual to continue to build a community VA for all. 

All UK virtual members are an integral part, and your continued flights and support spurs us on to build the best community virtual we possibly can!


2021 Main Highlights

  • Raising over £1000 for the Project Wingman charity at the beginning of the year
  • Launching a new livery and logo in October to mark our 10th year anniversary of operations at UK virtual
  • A successful members meetup in Manchester
  • Providing over £2000 worth of prizes over the year to all our members
  • Operating our biggest group flight with 31 members joining us for our annual trip to Lapland in December


Personal Conclusion

We have another exciting year at UK virtual to come. However with that said it’s time for me to start taking a step back as I move onto new chapters in my own personal life. 

UK virtual has been an integral part of life for the last nine years, who knew that a member who joined a virtual on a friend’s recommendation would end up running it with his friends. It’s not been an easy road, but one that has taught me many lessons along the way.

You will start to see many of my roles at UK virtual handed over to our staff team in each department with my blessing. While I will still maintain a director, you may see slightly less of an influence from myself going forward. 

However I look forward to enjoying the virtual in a more relaxed fashion, and working with our team on making 2022 an even better year at UK virtual then our previous 10 years of operation.



From all the team at UK virtual, we really do appreciate your continued support. Without you all we would not have a virtual to run, so thankyou.

We will see you in the virtual skies in 2022!