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Well it has certainly become quieter on a day to day basis when logging into discord with many of us back in our place of work instead of working from home. However with that said you collectively logged nearly 1000 flights last month a staggering 72 Flights flown by Wim! 

I just want to take this opportunity to say a personal thank you to all members over the last four months. It’s been tough, it’s been hard, it’s not been normal. And while we are not out of it yet, the fact we have all been here for each other on Discord and flying is a testament to the great community we have at UK virtual. So thank you all, and please continue to fly for us even if it’s just the occasional hop every so often!


Flight Operations – UNI154 Ryan

From tomorrow the first part of the world tour will be available to all members of UK virtual, whereas part 2 will be available to our UK virtual supporters. To gain the longest amount of time to complete all four parts of the world tour sign up to our UK virtual Supporters below where you will have early access to tours, extra AFK time with the new flight tracker, entrance into a quarterly prize draw, and Discord/Website badges along with your name on the Staff page! As always it’s optional, but following this link to find out more :

And it’s finally Summer ! To celebrate in August we are running our “Canary Summer Month” where you have the chance to win £50/$50 to spend on anything flight simulator related. Whether it’s on a few new airports, or towards a brand new aircraft it will be your choice. All you have to do to enter is fly as many flights to and from any of the following Canary islands from the 1st – 31st August 2020 to be entered into the draw. 

The rules are as follows:

  • Only Tenerife (GCTS) Lanzarote (GCRR) Gran Canaria (GCLP) Fuerteventura (GCFV) La Palma (GCLA) are included.
  • Internal domestic flights between the islands DO NOT COUNT
  • Flight’s can only be flown once, and must be a schedule.
  • Each Flight = 1 entry into the prize draw

Good luck and enjoy!

General Operations – UNI517 Mike

Sadly we are seeing many aircraft being retired in the real world, most notably the Queen of the Skies the 747. This is to my own personal sadness, but a loss to the aviation world as we know it. While the schedules are being updated by Ryan to reflect these changes, I just wanted to remind everyone that you are free to continue flying the 747 along with any aircraft as our schedules are all free aircraft and livery choice unless ( on a rare occasion ) specified in the Flight Remarks.

We are looking forward to bringing you all the launch of flyVFE at UK virtual next month, and we will have more details when we are ready to do so. For now we wish our friends at Virtual Flight Experience all the best as they reopen their doors tomorrow for the first time since lockdown.

Technical Operations – UNI548 Tony

It’s nearly here, I promise! Work on our new flight tracker is always ongoing with myself and Chris working through many obstacles and changes to bring you a perfect working tracker for your flight at UK virtual. While I still cannot put a date on release, please do bear with us as it will be worth the wait for all.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to UNI1914 Ali our company liveries are now available on Vatsim via the FLAI package for P3D and FSX. We would like to say thank you to Ali for all his hard work creating the package, this is the first time the online community will be able to see our company livery flying around the virtual skies. Ali is still working hard on the X-Plane version, and we hope to be able to update you with this soon!



As always lots of changes at UK virtual, lots of exciting events to get involved with, and we will always be here to provide you with the best tools to log your flight with us in the virtual skies. Thanks as always for your support,

UK virtual Team