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Our members always excel in any charity fundraisers we run, and hope the same support comes with our fundraising group flight this month.

On Saturday 12th March 2022 we will be flying “virtual aid” from Liverpool – Krakow departing at 1400 Local/Zulu in support of the humanitarian aid fund. 

UK virtual liveries and callsigns are mandatory for this flight, however you can choose to fly online with the vatsim network or offline via your own personal simulators.

All members who complete the group flight and donate at least £10/$10/10 Euros to our shelterbox fundraiser will receive a special profile award to show your support for this cause, however for those who cannot make the flight you have between the 10th – 20th March 2022 to complete the flight via the tour/special flight and you will receive the corresponding award if you complete the flight and donate at least £10/$10/10 Euros to this event fundraiser.

Our aim is to raise at least £500 for Shelterbox. We appreciate that some members may wish to make an anonymous donation. If so please drop me an email with your donation email to “[email protected]” and the award will be added to your profile. If not, don’t forget to put your name and Union number on your donation.

You can sign up for the tour here :

And donate to our fundraiser here :

As always thank you for your support,