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Good evening Pilots! We have some important and exciting rules changes that will be active from 20/12/2018. At UKVirtual we are always listening to your feedback finding new ways to become a better virtual airline for our members. The rules changes below reflect this, however we are remaining as a community airline offering weekly group flight’s, competitions and real world meet ups as standard. Take a look at the changes below:

Change 1 – Requirement to be logged into Discord for all flight’s

The changes we are implementing means it will no longer be a requirement to log into Discord for your flight’s, it will be optional from tomorrow. You will still be required to have an registered account on Discord, however you no longer need to be logged into Discord while logging a flight. We still encourage members to join us and get involved in our active community and group flight’s, along with staying up to date with UKVirtual news and FSElite news direct to discord. The new rules reads as follows:

“All members are required to sign up to Discord when joining UKVirtual, and monitor it for news and changes. Members are encouraged to use Discord to meet our online community, however it is not mandatory while logging a flight for UKVirtual”

Change 2 – Allowed AFK minutes per flight

At the moment the rule states that for all flight’s members are only allowed a total 20% of their flight time before it is rejected for excessive AFK. This rule is changing, all flight’s under three hours are not subject to AFK checks however we are trusting members to be in the flight deck during their flight’s and we will change the boundaries if we believe this is being taken advantage of . In regards to flight’s over 3 hours an AFK check will still occur, and if a member has an AFK for 30 minutes or longer the flight will be automatically rejected. This is in line with our rules when leaving the flight deck. However staff are still able to use their discretion where appropriate, and if pireps are filled with a high total AFK time they may still be rejected. Our AFK rule is to ensure pilots receive flight hours that are representative to the time spent in the flight deck, and not doing other activities.

And just a final word…

UKVirtual is funded by the directors and staff, however your donations mean we are able to run prize draws and subsidise real world meet ups. If you do wish to donate at anytime please take a look at our Support us page linked below, and we thank you in advance for any donations you do make :