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First of all thankyou to all 20 members who took the time to fill in the survey, there is some great feedback we can take on board from it and we would like to respond to a few in this post:

What do you like about UKVirtual?

  • The general consensus here was our sense of community, variety of routes, tours and flexibility. Its great to hear that our core values at UKVirtual are having a positive impact on our members.

What would you improve at UKVirtual?

  • There were a few responses here regarding the flight tracker. We are looking to improve on our current version however its not just a simple switch, there is alot of coding and rebuilding that needs to go with it. So please bear with us while we continue to explore all our options. If you do experience any issues with the flight tracker please email “[email protected]” along with screenshots of your issue.
  • “More group flights around the UK” – This will be forwarded to our event manager to take a look at!
  • “It would be nice to have callsigns on the flight booking page” – This is something we can certainly look into indeed, and a great idea. In the meantime you can find details off all airlines with a quick google search
  • “More pilots on Discord” – Agreed! UKVirtual is a community VA so we do like to encourage our pilots to come and say hello. If you are struggling to set Discord up, please contact us at anytime for some support.
  • There were also a few responses regarding the Dispatch centre with some of the features not always working, and the possibility to use simbrief flight planning instead of Vroute. This has all been forwarded to Tony to take a look at and see what we can do.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for UKVirtual?

  • “On the tracker when you finish the leg you could select book next tour leg on tracker” – This is a feature we used to have available before we built the dispatch centre. The idea is to keep the tracker as simple as possible, and have the bulk of the information on the website. However you can queue bookings on the website by booking multiple legs in the order you wish to fly them, just remember to check you are logging the correct flight!
  • “Remove the page limit and make filtering better in the Terminal” – This is something we can look at along with the callsigns, and has been forwarded to Tony.
  • “points system for pilots / awards for pilots” – A point system is not currently available with the system we use, however pilots do receive awards for the amount of flights they complete for UKVirtual. Currently the awards are set at 100 – 250 – 500 – 1000 – 2000 – 3000 respectively.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for The Flying Club?

  • “Just keep adding new routes” – We certainly plan too, Rob and I constantly monitor route popularity and new ideas so keep an eye out!
  • “Maybe flying club but cargo ops?” – What a great idea, Rob and I are discussing this and hopefully we can get back to you in the next few months
  • “More aircraft type liveries” – We are trying our best to great liveries as quick as possible however there are many variants of each aircraft we use, and multiple platforms. Rob is working as quick as he can to produce variations, but for now the most popular versions are available.
  • “Relax the rules on having the Flying Club Livery. Its fine for online flying but for offline flying there is no point in the rule” – Unfortunately this defeats the object of The Flying Club. The idea is that you are flying for a fictional virtual airline, therefore you are to use the airlines livery. If members do not wish to fly for a fictional airline, you still have the option to fly for our 90+ airlines we offer at UKVirtual.
  • “Perhaps more aircraft IE Dash 8” – We reduced our aircraft types due to the workload required repainting aircraft variants. However the Dash 8 is available with The Flying Club Regional so take a look on The Flying Club page.
  • “More events and xplane livery” – We have forwarded this to our Events manager, and there is an Xplane livery available for the 737.


There is some great feedback above, and some excellent ideas hopefully we will be able to act on some of the over the coming months. And congratulations to UNI1011 Chris  for winning the prize draw, I will be in contact shortly.

Ryan Boulton – Lear