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Summer passed by in the blink of an eye, it will soon be time to prepare the anti ice and gloves and put the heater on max – just so you can see out of the cockpit window! Moving into September its all change with our winter tours coming to an end, and our new partnership with flyVFE launching. Take a look below to find out more:

Flight Operations – UNI154 Ryan

Our new partnership with flyVFE launches tomorrow the 1st September 2020. Members will be able to achieve discounts of a Virtual Flight Experience in their B738 simulator or Piper Seneca simulator just by flying a virtual flight with flyVFE. Take a look at the press release here :

To celebrate the launch of our partnership with flyVFE we are running a competition for all members where there are three prizes available: 1 x 90 minute simulator session, 1 x 60 minute simulator session, 1 x 30 minute simulator session with Virtual Flight Experience in their 738 or Piper Seneca. All you have to do is fly for flyVFE during the month and for each 5 flights you complete, that is 1 entry into the prize draw. 10 flights = 2 entries etc.

The Hub Project has concluded with the full route network for our 128 airlines available to all members with over 35,000 schedules to choose from. In the future we will be focusing on new airlines, so if there is any you wish to see added to the database please email [email protected]

Finally all summer tours close at the end of September for UK virtual members, Uk virtual Supporters receive an extension on this. For the full tours roadmap please take a look at our blog post here :

General Operations – UNI517 Mike

Just a quick note on the use of GSX after landing features like “slew to gate” – “slew to parking position” etc. Please only use these features once you have filled your report on the tracker. Every time you slew it brings a warning up on your pirep for the team to check when processing the flights. While it is unavoidable when using the pushback feature which we are aware of ( so please continue to use this as normal ) if you are using any slew like features / playback after landing then please stop the tracker first. When we have a “warning” to check it makes the process longer for the team meaning a day’s work of pireps that should take 10 minutes to process takes half an hour. Thankyou!

Our prize draw for the Canary Islands month will take place tomorrow morning so keep an eye out on Discord however we are pleased to announce that the winner of the MSFS2020 competition is UNI891 Ross!

Technical Operations – UNI548 Tony

We are nearly in a position to start mass testing of our new tracker with the last few bugs to iron our first. The reason it has taken so long from beta testing to release is the work required to make the tracker work with our website. As we run a heavily modified website it is not a simple task of creating a new tracker and using it, especially when it comes to integration in our flight dispatch centre. So thank you for your patience, trust us it is worth it and we hope to be mass testing very very soon!



We look forward to our new partnership with flyVFE, it brings a new era to UK virtual and another feature that helps us stand out from all the other Virtual Airlines in the market. As always we thank you for your support and look forward to joining you in the skies next month.

UK virtual Team